SDG&E EV Fleet Day: San Diego Port Pavillion on Broadway Pier
SDG&E Hosts EV Fleet Day 2023
Event Highlights:
SDG&E’s EV Fleet Day returned to San Diego for a second year on April 6, 2023! This complimentary event geared to fleet operators and managers was a one-day, in-person experience focused exclusively on key topics related to medium- and heavy-duty fleet electrification.

This special event was open to the public and attracted more than 1,000 San Diegans to the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier to explore two dozen medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles, expert panel discussions, and over 30 vendor exhibits.

SDG&E’s EV Fleet Day began with a morning session of panel speakers and local businesses discussing the fleet electrification journey, regulatory and policy updates, and available funding opportunities to reduce the cost of transitioning fleets to electric. The afternoon concluded with community partners showcasing the region’s cleanest fleets, including plug-in electric big rigs, buses, shuttles, refuse trucks, cargo vans and other zero-emission commercial vehicles.
During EV Fleet Day, attendees:
  • Heard from local fleet operators as they shared best practices on how to successfully deploy electric vehicles
  • Spoke directly with experts on charging equipment, EVs, and funding that can help businesses take the next step toward an EV fleet
  • Gained knowledge from subject matter experts as they shared insight on available infrastructure incentives to help maximize savings and offset upfront costs on upcoming EV infrastructure projects
  •  Browsed a variety of medium- and heavy-duty electric fleet vehicles on display and received answers about EV range, charging, and cost
  • Learned firsthand about impact of zero-emission regulatory compliance deadlines from industry leaders

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